One of the biggest hurdles in the development of 32Hollywood has been brand identity. It's taken some time but a path has been forged. Within the scope of the 32Hollywood umbrella, a new face to the brand has emerged. The 32PEAKS line hopes to offer a strong active wear presence, while still exemplifying traits original to 32's core identity of fashion. This new line has allowed for a second category of apparel to emerge in the websites listing, one that is almost exclusively rooted in streetwear and casual wear. The h♡lly goods section of the website is currently home to pieces offered from the H♡llyHearts drop and the SINical Tee. 

The brand, 32Hollywood, hopes to offer clothing and accessories to all people. Standing on the line of streetwear and athletic wear, 32Hollywood represents the distance you would go to reach your dreams. 32 being the representation of distance. Hollywood representing the dream. Today, Hollywood is associated by many as a sanctuary for dreams and opportunity for young aspiring thinkers.  ~1/11/22